When miners are retreating from mining cryptocurrency, Razer is diving head-in. The Singaporian-based maker of PC peripherals and smartphones announced Razer SoftMiner this week. The plan is simple, Razer wants you to mine cryptocurrency

It wants to use your rig, and in return, you’ll receive credits aka “Razer Silver”. You can use these credits towards purchasing Razer products. Razer SoftMiner works when your PC is idle – that’s in Auto Mode. Razer describes SoftMiner in its FAQ:

When your computer is idle, the Razer SoftMiner desktop application utilizes your idle GPU processing power to supplement distributed network needs for the mining process. You will be rewarded with Razer Silver, which varies depending on the amount of idle time and strength of your hardware or graphics card.

Sounds simple and interesting, right? Not quite. According to an approximation, you can expect to earn 500 Razer Silver in 24 hours – that’s not nearly enough to get you a mouse. As someone on Twitter pointed out, you’ll be mining for 560 days just to earn a Razer keyboard.

The real deal-breaker is the fact that Razer Silver expire after 12 months. So, hypothetically, if you were to run your PC for 24 hours for 365 days, your credits will expire long before you can even make a decent purchase.

I’m not sure what Razer is thinking here, but no one’s stupid enough to lend their computing resource for peanuts in return.