Dark Souls developer From Software is hard at work on delivering Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in time for next year’s release date, but more is coming. The developer also has two unannounced titles in the pipeline.

President Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed the development to 4Gamer.net (via Gematsu) in an interview. It also discussed that the “3.5” product lines it discussed back in 2016 involves Deracine, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and two unannounced titles. While Mizayaki-san didn’t share any hints on what these two games are, he called them “From Software-esque games”.

Soulsborne fans have been clamoring for sequel to Bloodborne. With Dark Souls 3 wrapping up the series, Bloodborne seems to be a logical bet. Though from where we’re standing, Bloodborne is likely to be a next-generation effort.

Author: Jawwad Iqbal

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