Oh, poor Jack, you will be missed. It looks like more phone manufacturers are looking to do away with the headphone jack. According to an FCC filing, Sony might be next in line to ditch the headphone jack in favor of USB Type-C standard in an upcoming Xperia phone, presumably the next flagship phone. The documents obtained show a USB to 3.5mm jack dongle.

It appears the dongle is a multi-purpose one which lets you charge the phone while the 3.5mm is connected to headphones.

Apple was the first to remove headphone jack from iPhone 7 back in 2016. The decision, according to them, was to do away with analog and introduce digital as the next standard. Despite the negative reaction, Android manufacturers followed in their footsteps, including Google with the launch of Pixel 2. Now it seems Sony will be joining the “jackless” era. Lookout for Mobile World Congress 2018 which takes place next month for the next Xperia announcement.

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via: Xperia Blog