It was last year when SK Hynix announced their plans to enter mass production of next-generation, GDDR6 memory. The announcement teased the memory will be available for a client in Q1 2018.

SK Hynix this week has announced that their GDDR6 has entered the market with immediate availability.

There are four 8 gigabit SKUs in their GDDR6 catalogue. Part number “H56C8H24MJR-SC2” consists of 14Gbps and 12Gbps chips, “H56C8H24MJR-S0C” consists of 12Gbps and 10Gbps chips. The distinguishing trait between the two 12Gbps is the voltage requirement, where part number “SC2” achieves 12Gbps at 1.25V versus 1.35V for part number “S0C”.

Just recently, Samsung also announced that it has entered mass production of its GDDR6 memory. For comparison’s sake, Samsung’s memory comes at 16 gigabit and 18Gbps speed, which is faster and double the memory capacity per module against that of SK Hynix.

The next-generation memory game is in full swing with Samsung also having announced production of faster HBM2.

Nvidia is expected to announce its next-generation graphics card lineup based on the Volta architecture sometime in Q1 2018. The wide availability of GDDR6 makes for an ideal solution for a next-generation upgrade over GDDR5/GDDR5X. HBM2 is likely to remain a highlight of the Tesla V100.