After releasing the upper-end stack of the Turing family, it’s now turn for the mid-range and entry-level stack to come under the spotlight. Videocardz is reporting through its sources at Gigabyte that NVIDIA is prepping GeForce RTX 2060 for launch soon.

The GPU we’re looking at here is the TU106 chip. The very same GPU that powers the RTX 2070, it was an unexpected move given that x70 is typically a cut-down 104 chip. The full TU106 features 2304 CUDA cores, the RTX2060 cuts back on that and features the expect 1920 CUDA core count.

One of Gigabyte’s variant has also been pictured. This variant uses an 8-pin power connector. Clock frequencies have not been confirmed, but expect NVIDIA to make RTX 2060 official before the year’s end.

The interesting thing to note here is NVIDIA’s decision to position a mid-range GPU in the RTX family. It’s news to no one that ray tracing is extremely taxing even for behemoths like the RTX 2080 Ti. The$1200 struggles to push past 1440p with ray tracing enabled at acceptable framerates. Enabling a mid-range GPU for ray tracing will yield unexciting results.

It will be interesting to note the performance, nevertheless. We’ll keep you updated.

Jawwad Iqbal