There is a new trend among Android manufacturers that is coming out of Mobile World Congress this week. It is not just newer phones, thin bezels and bigger screens, it is something directly out of Apple’s book. I am referring to the infamous “notch” that has been a turn off point of iPhone X for many people.

Apple’s entry to the bezel-less trend came with one trade off, it was that to pull off the all-screen concept, Apple had to move all the sensors, front-facing camera and Face ID into a small area on top of the screen. It was viewed as a viewing obstacle on the otherwise gorgeous all-screen presentation. Many had hoped that Apple will take the feedback and do away with this notch in the next iPhones, but it does not seem likely. What better way to gloat on your wisdom when your competition follows directly in your footsteps.

At MWC this week, all the major manufacturers came under one roof to showcase their new lineup of smartphones. Asus’ new Zenfone 5T and Zenfone 5 have implemented the notch while gracefully presenting it as “26% smaller” than the iPhone X.

By doing so, Asus has admitted to Apple’s idea of an all-screen smartphone. The idea that if we are to shrink the bezels to the max, we need a design that can house all the necessary sensors and front-facing camera. With the technology and feasibility, this seems like the best route to take.

Huawei’s upcoming P20 smartphone has also been rumored to sport the fashion, according to multiple leaks. Evan Blass, who is a well-known source of leaks, has posted a picture of the P20, confirming that it will indeed be joining Asus to implement the notch.

Adding more to the list of manufacturers, pictures of LG’s G7 have popped up online from an Isreali publication Ynet that was given a hands-on experience with the device.

Oneplus 6 is the fourth, the alleged smartphone was caught on camera with reduced bezels and a notch. In the case of Oneplus 6, there is no strong confirmation as of yet but seeing as major players such as Huawei and LG are embracing the notch, it seems logical to expect others will follow.

It takes us back to a report from earlier this month. According to Bloomberg, the next major Android OS iteration will focus on UI changes to attract iPhone users. To that happen, Google will design the UI around the iPhone X’s notch so that more manufacturers can use the template. The news out of MWC gives more credibility to the report, leading us to believe that Google itself may be next in line.

For better or worse, Apple was right in their approach, regardless of the negative reactions. The move by Android manufacturers is going to make the notch design a standard in all-screen smartphones for a couple of years. Just as Apple’s move to ditch the headphone jack.

Author: Jawwad Iqbal

Having written on tech for years now, Jawwad Iqbal took his passion for sharing news and opinions with the inception of Hardware Blitz. He holds a firm view that quality content drives long-term success.