AMD is gearing up to launch the Radeon VII in time for February 7, but if one credible source is to go by, there aren’t going to be a whole lot of them, not at first – at least.

“Gibbo” over at the forum (via Techpowerup) has revealed that they have received 44 cards so far, with more on the way. What he also revealed is that UK will get less than 100 Radeon VII cards at launch. are basically sitting with half of the allocation.

This builds on the rumor of only 5000 units being produced which began swirling last month. Although AMD denied the rumor, it did not give any actual figures.

It doesn’t look like AMD sees a lot of demand for the Radeon VII. It could also be due to the expensive HBM2 on-board that warranted AMD to be cautious of how many units it produces. If the numbers are true, this seems awfully low for a graphics card marked with much confidence as the RTX 2080-killer.

Priced at $699, Radeon VII features 3840 Stream Processors, 64 ROPs, and 16GB High-Bandwidth Memory 2 clocked at 2Gbps with 4096-bit memory bus width. It’s the first GPU that’s built on 7nm process.

If you’re waiting to hit the pre-order button, it will go live at 14:00 BST on February 7.

Jawwad Iqbal